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Joining the Alumni Association

Calling all Alumni and Ex-Students living in the Greater Houston, Texas area. Come out and support Texas College through fellowship, fund raising activities, events, and recruiting new students The Houston Chapter is a proud member of the Texas College National Alumni and Ex-Students Association. With your support, our school will continue to educate and provide opportunities to young people helping them meet their full potential.

Membership information

If you are a recent Texas College graduate you receive a one-year complimentary membership.

Yearly dues are $80: Local Dues $30 + National Chapter Dues: $50

Lifetime National Membership is $500

The local dues are used to support the activities sponsored by your local alumni chapter whereas the national dues are used to support Texas College from everything from campus improvements to financial support for students in need. Paying the national dues also enables you to vote on matters during the national alumni meetings.

Dues can be paid by a check or money order made payable to:

TCAA-Houston Chapter

PO Box 16014

Houston Texas 77222


Zelle Pay: Please use for the sending address

If you don’t have access to a check, most banks have a bill pay feature that will send a check on your behalf.